Rabbit Strikes Again!


The newly planted broccoli and collard greens were devesated the other day after yet another attack on our garden by the sneaky rabbit.  We stocked the bunny rabbit catchers with a different bait, hamster feed, as a last ditch effort to save our plants.  If we don’t catch him soon, we will resort to putting up small fencing around the plants.  If you see a silly looking rabbit with droopy ears around campus, send an email to somebody in the garden committee ASAP.


Elon 101 Helps Out With Garden!

Students Scott and Tyler From Elon 101: Sustainability

Professor Strickland’s sustainability themed Elon 101 class met Tuesday, September 7th to help get the garden ready for planting this season. Students got excited about watering and plowing the soil where there are soon to be new broccoli plants and collard greens.

Elon 101 TA, Jenny

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Newly Organized Tool Shed!


All of the tools have been washed off and organized in the tool shed in preparation for the new planting season!

New Garden Committee Formed Under SLLC

On Thursday September 2nd, the Sustainable Living Learning Community formed a group of five LC members to report back to the Community about the garden’s progress.
Kimberly Cantrell
Katherine De Stadler
Ashton Harris
Alexander Papp
Lindsay Spiers

Fall Garden Kickoff Event

Come help us plant our fall/winter garden and enjoy some snacks!

Friday at 3:00pm
Elon Community Garden

Help us Capture Peter Cottontail

There is a pesky little rabbit that keeps nibblin’ on all of the plants! Anyone who wants to help capture and relocate our furry friend, feel free to stop by and help us set up the bunny catcher at the friday event!