Get ready for an awesome season!

A group of Elon students and faculty/staff met today over lunch to discuss plans for the garden in the winter and upcoming spring term.  We are going to allocate some of the harvest for use in college coffee, starting at the beginning of April, but this depends on how well the harvest is this season.  Lately, the Elon community garden has been the rabbit, grey fox, woodchuck, and squirrel community garden, as just about everything we attempted to plant during the fall has been immediately chomped into nonexistence.  This brought up the fencing plan.  We have grant money to construct a fence to keep the critters out, and the goal is to construct a temporary fence during the first workday.  This will protect any new plants and give us time to build a sturdy, high, and below ground fence.  There is talk that the new fence will be a form of eco-art designed by an eco-art class, which will likely a semester-long project.  The beginning of March we are going to begin starting seeds in the engineering greenhouse so we can transplant them to the garden when the weather is better and the time is right.

We are planning a small field trip on Monday, Jan. 31 in the afternoon to the Wake Forest Community Garden, where they have a nice fence and a more developed campus kitchen-community garden relationship that we can learn from and apply to our own garden.

Students will be needed to help with the seeding, and attend the Feb 12? workday to help build the temporary fence.  As far as the new greenhouse that the garden received as a gift, we are hesitant about putting it up because the glass paneling is a liability.  We could replace the glass paneling with polycarbonate, but that is expensive and hard to get funding for.  If a Sustainable Initiative Fund is passed by SGA, this could fund the new panels for the greenhouse, and things like a more effective fence.   But, it is a more permanent type of structure, and we don’t know with the possibility of a future new location of ENS center, if that means a new location for the garden. It seems at the moment, a small temporary hoop house with plastic covering will be the only option if anything, as it is less expensive and not permanent.

A post with scheduling and workday details will be posted soon.  Get ready for an awesome season!


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